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Farmsby Review: A Farm in Your Pocket

Farmsby brings to everyone the opportunity to invest in agriculture through the digital platform they provide.

This platform, just like other legit digital agricultural platforms takes money from investors (you and I) to fund farms. They are responsible for reaching out to local farmers and getting plots to run mechanized farms for better yield and more profit within a shorter time.

Farmsby Review

Is Farmsby Legit?

Let’s first check to see if Farmsby has all what it takes to be considered a legit platform.

  • Farmsby has a founder by name Aquila Kalagbor.
  • Their head office is at 42 Woji road, new GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.
  • They are registered with CAC with RC number 1611632.

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Some of their partner farms include:

  • Green Cycle Ventures Africa Limited founded in 2016 covering 250 acres of land located in Owo, Ondo State.
  • Our Farms and Garden Limited located in Akure, Ondo State.

Farmsby Contact

You reach Farmsby customer careline on+2348065032176 and email address with

How Does Farmsby Work?

Farmsby has 2 packages: Standard Investment and the Joint Investment.

The Standard Investment package has a principal of 5,000 per unit with 50% return per annum. The minimum cycle here is 3 months which will give you 12% return. This package is ideal for low-income earners.

The Joint Investment package has a minimum principal of 5,000,000 and maximum of 10,000,000n with a return of up to 75% per annum. The minimum cycle here is 4 months.

To invest on in Farmsby, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Farmsby website and register. Make sure to verify your email address to confirm you registration.

Visit Farmsby

  • Choose the package that best fits you and proceed to making payment. You can choose more that one unit and you’re to pay using your ATM card.

That’s it with investing through Farmsby. You can follow up progress in the farm through the monthly updates sent to your email.

Visit Farmsby

Have any question? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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9 thoughts on “Farmsby Review: A Farm in Your Pocket”

  1. So once you choose any package and pay for it, there is nothing more again for you to do rather than receiving your percentage.
    Is it only per annum one will be paid.
    What are other benefits

    1. Yes, when you pay for a package you don’t do anything.

      About the duration it depends, some will take 6 some 8 months.

  2. chukwuemeka ohaukwu

    1. Does farmsby have any working relationship with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation?
    2. The ROI seems too attractive, how is farmsby able to maintain their competitive advantage considering the high ROI to investors?
    3. How safe is the investment of subscribers considering the high uncertainty with agricultural business in Nigeria for now

    1. 1.Yes,they do.
      2.According to you it “seems too attractive” but other platforms even older well-known ones give ROI close to this or even better. So, nothing to really worry here.
      3. They are insured by Leadway Assurance Company.

      Finally, the choice to invest on the platform is entirely yours to make as I only provide information.

  3. Farmsby seems to always have investment opportunities (i.e. packages or options) open year in year out. Unlike other platforms like Farmpark (for instance), where the packages are open-with limits-to interested investors, and after a while, are sold out or closed as the available units or slots are bought up.

    Why are they different in this aspect?

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