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Farm Funds Africa Review: A wonderful Investment Opportunity You Should Know About

Farm Funds Africa is a digital agric platform which uses technology to connect investors to farmers in order to provide funding to farms.

Now, if you’ve been making research on finding such platforms you must have come across a host of them. They seem to be similar in a lot of ways – looking at the model they are very similar. Nevertheless, we have to look out for the most reliable platforms to invest in because as we know certainly some will stand out of the pack.

Before we continue, I will really like to add that I have seen and read a lot about Farm Fund Africa.

So, what did I see, good or bad stuff?

All are good stuff, they seem to have left a lot of investors satisfied.

Now, let’s get on with our review to know what to expect from this Agritech platform.

Farm Funds Africa review

Is Farm Funds Africa legit?

This should be our primary concern before investing anywhere. And yes, Farm Fund Africa is 100% legit. Every information so far points to that. Let’s also see the following:

  • Farmfunds Africa has 2 CEOs by name Dorcas Omamuli and Sam Afolabi.
  • Physical address is at 12a, Sanyaolu street off Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • They are registered under Farmify Agro Innovation ltd with RC 1627509.

Yes Farm Funds Africa have an address anyone can go to if there’s a need. They also give an helicopter tour to the farm if the investor wants to.

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Farm Funds Africa Contact

You can contact Farm Funds Africa on +2348097365000 or through email with

How Does Farm Funds Africa Work?

The steps to funding a farm are pretty straight forward.

  • First, sign up on Fund Farms Africa by clicking HERE. Remember to verify your email address to complete registration.
  • Select the number of units you want to sponsor and go ahead and make payment. You can make payment in 3 ways: debit card, online transfer and bank deposit.
  • You will receive an invoice after successfully funding a farm.

That’s it. You can follow up happenings on the farm as they are being sent to your email address.

At the end of the farm cycle you’re paid your returns (profit) and principal.

Above is a Turkey Farm on Farm Funds Africa platform unfortunately it has been sold out. But it should give you a picture of what to expect.

A unit goes for N60,000 with 25% (N15,000) profit after a cycle of 120 days (4 months). That is you will receive N75,000 as total amount after 4 months per unit farm sponsored.

Is Your Money Safe?

Yes your money invested  on Fund Farm Africa is totally safe as the farms are insured by Leadway Assurance Company Limited. In case of any lost in the farm the insurance company gets the farm back up and everything returns to normal.


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8 thoughts on “Farm Funds Africa Review: A wonderful Investment Opportunity You Should Know About”

  1. Oluwaniyi Ogunlana

    This is what I read that made me invest with them . Now it turns to scam. I lost 150k with farm funds apart from the roi. Pls be careful of info u give

  2. Please do stay away. They haven’t paid back investors since this year and they have cut off all communications and even shut down their office.

  3. I also invested 300k last year 2020 and was due for payment 2021. I even introduced my friend too who invested 200k. called their lines it was not reachable in fact the other numbers that went through no one was picking up. I decided to visit their office on reaching there, their office was under lock and key. It did not stop there after weeks someone finally picked up and told me that they had issues and that they understand how I feel. C’mon how comes no one told me anything my mails were not responded to and lines kept ringing and nobody picked. Biko they are SCAM do not mind the reviews you see oooo keep your money in the bank and watch it. It is better for it to be in the bank than for you to invest in something that will make you loose your life earnings it is not worth it. Now I am back to square one No money, No return on investment, No capital all dashed into the river. GOD WILL PURNISH FARM FUNDS those that are involved will not go scot free. Kama dey wait for una for front. Please do not invest with Farm Funds I repeat Do not invest. Dont mind the positive reviews you see

    1. They used to pay and the business plan looked sustainable. Is sad what so many of them have turned into.

  4. I got the following from them 7th of April, how true is it?

    Dear Investor,

    Once again, we are truly sorry for the delay in making payment and the
    inconveniences this may have caused you.
    we are extremely grateful for your patience and understanding through it
    all; we do not take this for granted. Be rest assured that payment has
    commence as stated and people who have gotten paid can testify to that,
    we have been paying our investor, we wont stop paying. However during
    the cause of the delay we had, we would still pay all outstanding
    payment as stated.

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