how to start data selling business in nigeria

Data Selling Business in Nigeria: Make More Than 5k Daily (My Secret)

Perhaps you’ve picked an interest in the data selling business in Nigeria and you would love to know how to start.

Welcome! You’re on the right page as I will take you by hand and show you all that is required to not only start a data selling business in Nigeria but also make up to 5k daily.

Selling internet data in Nigeria has become big business. Before now, getting data was only through our telecommunication networks but now even individuals can sell data and make huge profits from the comfort of their homes.

If you’re looking for a business with endless potential where you can make 2k or 5k or 10k or more daily and doesn’t require much to start then data selling is just right for you.

And guess what?

You are in the right hands as it is a business I have been into for more than a year. Part of the profit I have made from selling data helped me start this website you are on right now.

Ok, now let’s move to the business of the day.

What you should expect from this article:

  • Explanation of what data selling actually mean.
  • How to start data selling business in Nigeria.
  • Is data selling business profitable?
  • What you need to start selling data?

That’s all and many more answers will be given in the article. Pay close attention as this life-changing opportunity is about to unfold.

And at the end of this article, I have a package for you it contains my secret and experience in selling data for more than 1 year now. Don’t worry I’m giving it out for a token for people that really want to change their financial status.

Let’s start.

What is Data Selling?

Data selling means the transfer of internet data to a telecom user for the exchange of money. The telecom companies we are concerned with are MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE and GLO.

You should know the difference between data selling business in Nigeria and data reselling.

Data reselling has to do with buying data from a telecom company (like Airtel, MTN or Glo) to your SIM card then having to sell it to anyone that wants to buy.

Whereas, data selling business requires that you first register with a third party website then fund your account with a certain amount and can send data to anyone that has paid you. It does not require you to buy data for your SIM first.

Data selling business is much reliable when compared to data reselling and also by far profitable.

How to Start Data Selling Business in Nigeria

Starting a data selling business in Nigeria is quite simple and anybody can start it and excel in it.

  • Sign up on a data selling platform like or
  • Fund your account by going to where you have “Deposit Money”.

You can fund your account using your Mastercard or Visa Card or through any debit card.

Is Data Selling Business Profitable?

I say a big YES, data selling business is profitable. I have been there, I have done this business for over 1 year before I felt the need to write about it on this website. My regret is not even starting the business long ago.

I make more than 3k on a low business day and I’m saying this with all honesty. I realise over 100k for the past 5 months from data selling business. Imagine making #100 more than 20 times daily.

I’m glad I started this business and you also will be if you start today.

What You Need to Start Selling Data

You need only 3 things

  • Smartphone.
  • Internet
  • Bank Account (You can also use Opay App).

There is hardly a person who does not own all of those things in this modern world. So, you don’t have any excuse.

Now, to the most interesting part.

How do you make up to 5k daily in a Day?

I have to be honest, it is not every day I make this much. but the lowest I make now is 2k daily and that’s still a lot of money. Also, I’m improving steadily in profit, I wouldn’t be surprised if I make up to 10k daily in a few months time.

And do you know why I feel this way? It’s because I have a secret I’m willing to share with anyone who cares.

With my advice, you’re not going to be like so many others who data sellers online who just post for their friends to see. You’re going to do it in a matured way.

So, make things easy for everyone I compiled my experience of how I’ve made so much money selling data into an ebook.

The ebook contains:

  • A step-by-step guide on starting data selling business in Nigeria
  • Choosing the best platform.
  • How I make people buy data from me. Showing them the advantage and how they serve money.


It comes with a gift or you can call it a bonus. I’m willing to give out my Facebook Marketing Course together with the Data Selling Ebook for just #2,000. The reason I am giving this course is, it is important in helping you reach people on facebook which is at the core of this business’s success.

I’m talking about showing your data selling business to more than 5,000 Facebook users daily.

The Facebook Marketing package contains VIDEO TUTORIALS, AUDIO TUTORIALS AND AN E-BOOK. It is very complete, easy to grasp and super affordable. Beyond just getting the course you get help from me when you face any challenge with the material and with your ads.


  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Algorithm
  • Payment issues on Facebook
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Ads Manager

This I am giving you for just 2K. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How to Pay for the Ebook

You can call me on 08104094348 in case you have any question to ask.

My Account Details:

  • Bank Name: Access Bank
  • Acct. Name: Emem Anietie Inwang
  • Acct Number: 0026743531
  • Account Type: Savings

Again, the Data Selling Ebook and the Facebook Domination Course cost only 2k. It is for a limited time.

You need it.

Note, I’ll also be there to assist you until you get everything right.

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