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Where to Advertise your Business Online in Nigeria (Paid and Free Platforms)

Wondering where to advertise your business online in Nigeria?

To start with, that’s a good thing because you will be able to reach more customers and this means more leads and in turn, you make more money. And you will be ahead of your competitors gaining more popularity.

It may not really be a business you want to advertise, it could be other programs, a general notice to the public or people in a specific geographical area like a state in Nigeria.

Whatsoever you want to advertise to the public you can do it using different platforms over the internet.

The benefits of Advertising your Business Online

1) It’s More Cost-effective: It is not as expensive as so many advertisement media. By advertising only you could cut cost up to 50%. Imagine going via radio or television stations, that will require a huge amount of money.

2) It reaches a lot of Audiences: With the online advert, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people within a time frame that you want to.

3) It’s More Targeted: You can define your targeted audience that suits your product. For example, if you’re selling women slippers you can select only women to see your advertising, unlike the conventional traditional adverts where everybody sees it.

4) Effective can be Measured: Aside from targeting the audience through some metrics provided you can understand and measure how effective your adverts have been.

This article will show you different ways of advertising your business, events or message online.

Where To Advertise Your Business Online in Nigeria

1) Via Facebook: When you talk about social media advertising in Nigeria, Facebook is in the core of it. This is because Facebook has a higher number of Nigerians than on any other social media platform combined.

Obviously, it is one of the best places where you can advertise online in Nigeria.

There are millions of Nigerians on Facebook these makes this social media platform a very wonderful place to reach your targeted audience and increases sales in no time.

Let’s see these stats by NapoleonCat:

-They were 20,539,000 Facebook Users in Nigeria in March 2019. That’s about 10% of the entire population.

-People between the age of 25 to 34 were the majority of totalling 7,100,000.

-62% of the 20,500,000 were men.

So, you see the number of Nigerians using Facebook in a month. That’s a lot of numbers apparently.

So how do you go about advertising on Facebook?

We’ve made it easy for you, we’ve created a Facebook marketing course we call FACEBOOK DOMINATION COURSE. The Facebook course package contains VIDEOS, EBOOK.

If you are on a low budget and you are worried about the online advertisement rate then you should definitely use Facebook ads as the rate is very low. With just #5,000 you can go a long way in showing your product or message to thousands of people.

Click HERE to get our Facebook Domination Course.

2) Through Forums: Online forums are a great place to advertise products or broadcast information. In Nigeria, Nairaland is one of the largest forum and an advertisement plan for various budgets.

They are also different niches/categories which makes it good for various types of businesses.

3) Through Ad Networks: Ad networks are companies that help you advertise your adverts on blogs/websites.

There are several Nigerian ad networks that you can use and we recommend NgAdverts. They have a good track record and their platform is easy to use. Also, their service is very affordable.

Click here to go to their site and call the phone lines and in no time you’ll be guided on how to start.

4) Free Platforms: There are a lot of free classified ad platforms that can allow you to advertise your products but they have a lot of downsides.

One of the major downsides is that you have very limited control on who sees and how many people see your advert which makes this medium less effective.

Another thing is that it’s only for products you can’t pass a message to the public through this medium.

if you’re serious about your business you shouldn’t go for this advertisement medium.

5) Through Direct Advert on Blogs/Website: Remember ad networks act as middlemen between you and blogs. You can still go straight to contact blogs you wish to advertise their products.

It might be confusing getting the right pricing and measuring a lot of things so you’re not really sure of how to go about this you should allow ad networks to handle the logistics.

Well, if you’re sure you want to go straight to work with websites in advertising your products their things you should know. Let’s see them

-Make sure you chose a website in your niche.

-Make sure they have enough traffic.

-Find a way to measure your return on investment (ROI)-

With these 3 basic things, you’re good.

We offer any business the opportunity to advertise on our website. Click HERE to read our advertisement rate.

6) Through Search Engine: Google and other ad networks offer businesses or entrepreneur a wonderful opportunity to show their businesses to whosoever cares.

You can follow this link to learn how to advertise your business online using search engines.

What to Know when Advertising Online

You shouldn’t rush into advertising in the beginning. Make sure you understand how the platform you’ve chosen works.

You could test different platforms, use different methods and I assure you most times you’re going to get a different result.

In the end, you should settle with one, of course, the one that brings the highest returns.

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